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What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become a popular way to raise funds for projects that are based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. An ICO is a cryptocoin crowdsale, where a blockchain-based project allows enthusiasts and supporters to invest in the project by purchasing part of its tokens in advance. ICOs typically take place at the early phases of a project. The idea is that instead of raising traditional funding from a bank or investors, a company that sells tokens to its customers ensures those customers are better aligned with the company’s goals and success.

What is PayparEx?

PayperEx is a company that is creating an alternative share market network.
PayperEx’s founders, after more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector, came up with an ambitious and ground-breaking goal to revolutionize the concept of a Shares Market by removing any existing barriers. Our team consists of experts in online trading, marketing, research and development, financial compliance and regulation.

Why PayperEx?

PayperEx was designed by veterans of the online trading industry, using their knowledge and experience of operating in the investment field for over a decade.
Combining expertise in regulated markets together with blockchain technology will create a unique solution for PayperEx users.
Our vision is to create an alternative share market network, a marketplace where everyone around the world will able to participate.
We believe that everyone deserves to take a part and profit from the share market in a fair and affordable way.
The idea behind PayperEx has come from identifying the needs of many people who want to be part of the global share market but cannot for a variety of reasons:
lack of knowledge, fear of risk, insufficient finances, geographical constraints, etc. and providing them with an alternative shares market that transcends these limitations.
“We are building a decentralize peer to peer trading network that transcends these limitations, and provide same trading opportunity to all traders all over the globe”

How is PayperEx using blockchain technology?

The use of blockchain technology is reflected in our network by two major elements: PAX and Paypers.
Blockchain technology ensures that both PAX and, subsequently, Paypers issued in our network are unique, secure and transparent.

What is PAX?

The PAX Token is issued by PayperEx and is the only one used on the PayperEx network.
Each activity in the PayperEx network is performed using PAX, making the token an integral part of the network and the driver of its economy.
In any activity carried out on the network, PAX is transferred from one participant to another.
The use of a blockchain technology confirms that each PAX was transferred only once.
PAX will be issued only during the crowdsale (Pre-Sale and Token sale).
Once complete, no further tokens will be generated.

Why should I buy PAX?

Initially, PAX is sold to support the PayperEx network. Post-ICO the PAX token will be the only way to buy Paypers and to be part our revolution.

How many PAX will be issued and why?

A maximum of 6,200,000,000 PAX tokens will be generated, of those 1,000,000,000 PAX tokens will be kept as reserve.
A maximum of 1,200,000,000 PAX tokens will be given for free as Extra PAX during the presale (according to the Extra PAX Model), any remaining tokens will be cancelled.
A maximum of 4,000,000,000 PAX tokens will be sold during the crowdsale, any remaining tokens will be cancelled.
For example:
If 3,500,000,000 PAX are sold during the crowdsale and 1,000,000,000 PAX are given as Extra PAX during the presale, then the remaining 500,000,000 and 200,000,000 will be cancelled. This would result in a total pool of 5,500,000,000 which equals the number of sold tokens plus the given Extra PAX and PayperEx reserve of 1,000,000,000.
The initial value of 1 PAX during the crowdsale is 0.00002 Bitcoin e.g. 1 Bitcoin equals 50,000 PAX
During the presale period 1 Bitcoin will be equal to 65,000 PAX, 30% more than during the token-sale period.
We will do our best to let to as many as possible people to buy our PAX token during the crowdsale period.

What are PreSale Benefits?

• Get up to 30% extra tokens.
• Paypers will be sold in low initial price only during the PAX Token PreSale.

How can I buy PAX?

You can buy PAX in 4 simple steps
Step 1: Choose how many PAX you want to buy
Step 2: Select the currency that you want to pay in
Step 3: Click "Buy PAX" button to create a unique address for your transaction
Step 4: Scan the BTC or ETH QR Code or copy the address to your wallet and submit the transaction
After the purchase approval your PAX balance will be shown in the private wallet at your PayperEx account.

Can I sell my PAX?

Yes, after the crowdsale period has completed, PAX token holders will be able to sell their PAX tokens through the exchange service provided by PayperEx.

I’ve bought PAX, where can I see it?

After your purchase of PAX tokens has been approved, you will see it in your personal and secured PAX private wallet on the PayperEx network.

What are “Paypers”?

Paypers are shares based units on financial assets such as Bitcoin, Ether etc. and private companies that will issue their shares in our network.
For every underlying asset, PayperEx will issued a limited quantity of Paypers.
Two types of Paypers will be issued: “BULL” and “BEAR”.
A "BULL Payper" for those who think that the price of the underlying asset will rise, whereas a "BEAR Payper" is for those who think that the price of the underlying asset will fall.
For example:
Let's say that you believe that the Bitcoin is going to rise, so you decided to buy the "Bitcoin BULL Payper"
The "Bitcoin BULL Payper" price at the time of purchase is 100 PAX.
According to the movements in the market the price of the "Bitcoin BULL Paypers" rises to 150 PAX.
If you sell your "Bitcoin BULL Payper" to another Payperex participate your profit will be 50 PAX.
If you believe that Bitcoin is going to fall, you buy the "Bitcoin BEAR Payper" and profit if the price of the payper goes up.
The first Paypers to be issued will be “Bitcoin BULL Paypers”. The entry price during the crowdsale will be 100 PAX (equal to 0.002 Bitcoin) per Payper which will rise to 150 PAX (equal to 0.003 Bitcoin) once the PayperEx network goes LIVE.

Why should I buy Paypers for Bitcoin rather than just straight up buy Bitcoin?

Buying Paypers has several advantages compared to straight up purchase of Bitcoin:
• Low entry price - only 100PAX (equal to 0.002 Bitcoin)
• The ability to profit from a downtrend - buying “BEAR” Paypers
• Receive a portion of the collected fees
• Autonomous Economy - makes it more secure and less dependent on external fluctuations.

What is PayperEx’s business model?

PayperEx will charge a fee for every transaction executed on the PayperEx network.
Our fee model is unique in that it shares a portion of the collected fees with the members of the PayperEx network.
The remainder is reinvested into funding the operations and growth of the network.

Why is PayperEx doing this ICO?

One of the biggest advantages of doing an ICO is awareness. A successful ICO will introduce the PayperEx network to more users who will join our network and liquidity will grow.
Funds generated from the ICO will be allocated to complete development of the network and provide funding for its continued growth.
Offering an Initial Token Sale instead of a traditional venture capital round enables the community to participate in the “PayperEx” success story, rather than limiting it to a small, selected number of traditional investors.

How does this technology work?

PayperEx is creating a Decentralized Network Protocol (DNP), that will offer a unique platform for users to access the network directly from their private wallet. Our DNP is based on the PAX infrastructure, which stores data on a blockchain, and is incentivized through tokens. DNPs will provide a wide range of decentralized P2P Paypers, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litcoin, etc.

What makes the PayperEx ICO unique?

• We are using our own blockchain technology.
• We created our own private wallet to give the ability to buy and sale the PAX
• PAX can be bought with more than 10 different digital coins.
• The PAX purchase will be updated in the PAX private wallet right after the purchase approval.
• PAX Tokens will be tradeable within 7 days after the ICO is completed.
• PAX can be used immediately in order to buy the "Paypers"

Where do users keep their PAX Token?

PAX tokens are kept in a private e-wallet provided by PayperEx.
Once the wallet is generated, PayperEx will provide a private key which gives the user access to their wallet. In addition, users can log into their accounts and see the balance and of their PAX tokens.

How do users know how much a PAX is worth?

After the crowdsale has completed, users can login into their account at PayperEx and view their PAX balance and its equivalent value in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What is the value of each PAX token?

The initial value of a PAX token is 0.00002 Bitcoin on the day of the crowdsale.

Can users buy PAX with a credit card?

Currently, PayperEx doesn’t enable users to purchase PAX directly using a credit card.

Do users get any rights or shares in PayperEx by buying PAX?

PAX tokens do not in any way represent shares in PayperEx. They do not provide users with voting rights or any other corporate rights for that matter.