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To open account all you need to do is to click on the sign-up button fill your email address and choose your password. *

* Password must be:
- At least 8 characters
- Contain at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter and one number.
- Any special character isn’t allowed
To fund your account, you need to login and click on “FUND MY WALLET”, choose the cryptocurrency that you want to use in order to fund your wallet (You can choose between BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and many others), Scan the cryptocurrency QR Code or copy the Address to your wallet and submit the transaction.
No, you can only use Cryptocurrencies. If you don’t have Bitcoin, please click on one of the below exchanges There you will be able to buy Bitcoin using your credit card or bank wire and finish the BTC fund.
Important Note:
Copy the Bitcoin address (code) and use it when you will be required to provide the wallet address.
After the purchase approval, your BTC balance will be shown in the private wallet at your PayperEx account.
A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance. If you want to use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you will need to have a digital wallet
After you have fund your account you can start buy and sell any Cryptocurrency that is available at our Exchange
Payper™ is a tradable financial digital asset.

The Payper™ is based on Bitcoin, Ether or other cryptocurrency and crypto indices created by PayperEX.

While prices for cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing and buying traditional shares on the stock market are out of reach for most people, PayperEX will allow investors to remove the cost barriers associated with making these investments.

Two types of Payper™ will issued for every underlying asset, BULL Payper™ and BEAR Payper™
If you expect that the price of the underlying asset will go up buy a BULL Payper™
If you expect that the price of the underlying asset will go down buy a BEAR Payper™

A limited amount of paypers will be offered for sale.

The use of Blockchain technology ensures that the amount wouldn’t be diluted.
Initially, the paypers will be sold in the IPS and then on PayperEX trading network.

The IPS (Initial Payper Sale) – investors have the first opportunity to buy the paypers before it will be traded on the network.
PayperEX trading network – investors can buy paypers from each other. Paypers value will be determined by the supply and demand.
PayperEX is a P2P network for Payper™ (tradable financial digital assets)
Payper™ will be issued first at the IPS (Initial Paypers Sale), if you didn’t buy Payper™ at the IPS you can buy them at the network from other traders
You can Buy/Sell PAX in the exchange
Step 1: Go to the EXCHANGE
Step 2: Click on BUY or SELL
Step 3: Enter the QTY you want to Buy/Sell
Step 4: Click on “SUBMIT ORDER”
Your order will be approved and completed automatically when the system will find a match to your order. In case of no match you order will be shown in the open orders table. Important note: You must fund your wallet using BTC, ETH, BCH, or LTC before you will be able to buy PAX
You can use your PAX in PayperEX network to buy Payper™ .
PAX tokens are kept in a private e-wallet provided by PayperEX.
PayperEX will charge a fee for every transaction executed on the PayperEX network.

Our fee model is unique in that it shares a portion of the collected fees with the members of the PayperEX network.

The remainder is reinvested into funding the operations and growth of the network.
No, PAX tokens do not in any way represent shares in PayperEX. They do not provide users with voting rights or any other corporate rights for that matter.