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The world's first alternative share market
for cryptocurrencies and private companies
based on blockchain technology

Invest in your future

Our pre-sale was concluded successfully! Our token sale will start very soon,
so join our communities or sign up below to get notified as soon as it starts!


The Market

The share market and cryptocurrency industry are rolling billions of dollars every day and still growing continuously.


The Opportunity

PayperEx gives you a chance to invest in these markets with a low entry price.


The Solution

PayperEx has created the "Paypers" - shares based on blockchain technology.
Your affordable gateway into these markets.

The Network

The PayperEx network decentralize the Financial markets by creating an alternative trading network using blockchain technology.
Our goal is to give people from all over the world a fair, easy and affordable chance to enjoy the benefits of the financial markets by buying "Paypers" share based units.
The use of blockchain technology will make our network secure and transparent.


The PAX Private Wallet

A peer-to-peer (P2P) payments service that allows people all over the world to send and receive funds in a simple and secure way with full control over their money.

Buy/Sell Order Book

An innovative matching engine built on blockchain technology allowing users to see all available orders.
The Order Book will be updated in real time, giving the user a clear and transparent view of all market activities.

Future Orders

Get full control of your trading with orders such as:
Sell Limit Order (Risk Management Order) - "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss"
B uy Limit Order - An instruction to buy only if the price reaches or falls below the limit price.

PAX Token Sale

PAX Token issued in order to let the crowd participate in our project and to become members of our network.
Each activity in the PayperEx network is performed using PAX, making the token an integral part of the network and the driver of its economy.
In any activity carried out on the network, PAX is transferred from one participant to another.

Token sale Benefits

  • Your PAX will be shown in your PayperEx wallet immediately after the purchase approval.

  • PAX Tokens will be tradable in our network and other exchanges after the token sale ends.

  • PAX can be used immediately in order to buy "Paypers".

  • Paypers will be sold at a low initial price only during the PAX Token Sale.

The Paypers

Paypers are shares based units on financial assets such as Bitcoin, Ether etc. and private companies
that will issue their shares in our network.

Until today investing on start-up companies was only available to invеѕtmеnt firm’s VC’s or private investors. PayperEx makes a revolution and enable you to invest on these companies by buying their Paypers.
For every underlying asset, PayperEx will issued a limited quantity of Paypers.
Two types of Paypers will be issued: “BULL” and “BEAR”.
A "BULL Payper" for those who think that the price of the underlying asset will rise, whereas a "BEAR Payper" is for those who think that the price of the underlying asset will fall.

For more info read our FAQ


Unique, robust and scalable technology is at the core of PayperEx.
We continuously focus our efforts and expertise on refining and improving all aspects
of the PayperEx technology.
Our technological architecture is a highly scalable combination of the latest technological advances in blockchain, UX/UI, and server-side approaches.


Blockchain Technology

Our network leverages blockchain technology which offers all participants consistent, shared and secure processes.
The nature of the decentralized blockchain is to allow a completely trusted interaction between all parties.


Matching Engine

Our cutting-edge matching engine will allow parties to buy or sell "Paypers” in a peer-to-peer (P2P) environment.
Transactions will be added to the blockchain and the matching engine ensures that everyone can see the same transaction details and documents.
Our matching engine will process millions of orders with less than millisecond latency.
All participants in a transaction will see the same information in real-time.


API Services

PayperEx will allow users all over the world to integrate to the network with our secure API, based on blockchain technology.
The API enables us to add trading features from 3rd party in order to give users a full and unique trading experience.

Why PayperEx

PayperEx was designed by veterans of the online trading industry, using their knowledge and experience of operating in the investment field for over a decade.
Combining expertise in regulated markets together with blockchain technology will create a unique solution for PayperEx users.
Our vision is to create an alternative share market
network, a marketplace where everyone around the world will able to participate.
We believe that everyone deserves to take a part and profit from the share market in a fair and affordable way.
The idea behind PayperEx has come from identifying the needs of many people who want to be part of the global share market but cannot for a variety of reasons:
lack of knowledge, fear of risk, insufficient finances, geographical constraints, etc. and providing them with an alternative shares market that transcends these limitations.
“We are building a decentralize peer to peer trading network that transcends these limitations, and provide same trading opportunity to all traders all over the globe”

PayperEx’s key strengths

  • Low entry price to buy Paypers.

  • The ability to trade on upward and downward trends.

  • Unique Fee Sharing structure - a portion of the fee that we will charge on the network will be paid back to the Paypers holders.

  • Private Wallet - payments service that allows users to send and receive funds in a simple and secure way with full control over their money.

  • Global trading network.

Invest in PayperEx and become part of the world’s first alternative share market.

For more info read our WhitePaper

The PayperEx Team

PayperEx’s founders, after more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector,
came up with an ambitious and ground-breaking goal to revolutionize the concept of a financial trading market by removing any existing barriers.
Our team consists of experts in online trading, marketing, research and development,
financial compliance and regulation.


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